Spiritual Healing Meditation
Help For Angry Thoughts
by Jennifer Orpen

Spiritual healing meditation can be a repeat winner over tyrannical thinking. You know, beliefs you accept as true, bullying their way into disrupting your efforts for a happy life. Want to put a stop to it?

Individuals may be blind to the power beliefs have over decisions they make. It's real and it's strong. The subconscious protects these beliefs, at all costs, to keep you locked up in your comfort zone.


Spiritual healing meditation can cut short repetitive thinking patterns you're tired of listening to.  It also offers an invitation to get up close and personal with what your own sense of well-being truly feels like.

Spiritual Healing Meditation, a quieting experience for mind, body and soul.

Bossy Thinking

The mind seeks to match your beliefs with reality. And, sure enough, what you believe does come true. Over and over again.

For instance,...

  • You may believe having loads of money is scary. So, you spend every penny. Or, take menial jobs.
  • You are convinced no one listens to you. And, all kinds of know-it-all partners, friends, superiors keep coming into your life.

Coincidence? Not really.

People can be oblivious to the clout beliefs have over decisions they make every day. A few can be downright bossy.


Put on ice expressing your soul gifts.

The Enforcer

The subconscious fetches information from memories to guarantee you respond exactly what you've decided to believe. About yourself. What the world offers.

The brainchild shows up as automatic thinking patterns and behavior. Occasionally, these patterns dig in so deep, you may find yourself completely stuck, unable to move forward, even if you wanted to. However, there are soul quotes which hint of a first-rate approach to solving this problem.

Soul-wise, some programming may have taken root in past lifetimes. And, carried over into this one.

Fact is....

The subconscious doesn't censor. Or, play favorites. It can enforce beliefs of abundance and success just as easily as hardship or failure.

Now, that's just the beginning...

The subconscious acts like a drill sergeant. Endlessly replays programmed beliefs. Memorizes your comfort zone. And, ruthlessly works at keeping you in it.

...Whether the thinking is positive or negative. Helps align with your soul. Or, not.


Not so with the conscious part of your mind. With it, you have the power to choose. The subconscious obeys. And, why it's important to tune into your thinking patterns.

While we're at it...

Fed up with bitter thinking, hate change, but know it's the way to go? Natural healing remedies can be helpful for resisting change.

Spiritual Healing Meditation

Spiritual Healing Meditation - A time of tranquility to let your thoughts float away into nothingness.

Spiritual healing can be a call asking for a makeover and harmony. Realign with the soul. Meditation is the perfect tool to carry this out.

The intention is of going inside, coming home to yourself. And, taking a look at what's going on.

You watch as beliefs, emotions, sensations come and go. Instead of getting sucked into the drama they can provoke.

Best of all...

Regular spiritual healing meditation can interrupt pushy, unwanted subconscious programming.

Becoming a Bystander

While meditating, observing becomes a laid back event. An awareness of what's happening. Rather than reacting, trying to control the experience.

Here's the deal...

By simply observing struggles, they get the attention and room they need. Their energy loses punch. Making it easier to let go inner arguing.

Why It Can Work

Practicing spiritual healing meditation is exceptional help for becoming aware - present. Conscious.

Thinking patterns are exposed. And, the habits sabotaging inner peace. But, now, you have the option to decide what you want to do about it.

What key features can you look forward to?

  • Have an awesome tool for handling aggravating, nay-saying inner chatter.
  • Create your own space to think through problems.
  • Intuition can trumpet solutions you hadn't thought of.

The Opportunity

Healing meditation has the advantage of springing fascinating insight when you need it most.

With a bonus...

Getting up close and personal with what your sense of well-being feels like.

As perceptions change, so, too, the messages you give yourself. They are less bullying. More coolheaded. Untroubled.

Spiritual healing meditation can change the order of what takes over in decision-making. Consciousness opens doors into your power to choose. Instead of letting subconscious programming storm for control. It's up to you to decide.

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