Personal Spirit Guides 
How They Reach You
by Jennifer Orpen

Did you know spirit guides for the soul have specialties compatible with your own soul qualities? In addition, what they offer as guidance is not available at your level of conscious awareness. At last, you have help with what's a YES or a NO as to what aligns with the real you. Intrigued?

Spiritual dimensions brim with nonphysical beings ready to deliver assistance and advice. Heck, you even have your own personal team of guides.

The trick is,...

How do they contact you?

Expect surprises. But, once you recognize their way of showing up, you may be in for an exhilarating ride.

What Spirit Guides Are

Your personal spirit guides are here ONLY FOR YOU.

Scores of celestial beings in spiritual dimensions provide guidance and assistance. But, did you know when the soul materializes as a human being, personal advisors tag along? In other words, when you need help, you have your very own team of guides to rely on.

They are always around. And, willing to pass on information.

But, and this is key,...

Guides help only when you ask.

Their Purpose

Life often dishes out forks on the road. One direction may lead to a snake-in-the-grass. The other, point to an amazing experience. But, sometimes, you can't tell which path is the one to take.

The good news is...

When you're stuck and need guidance, soul guides can protect. Reveal direction. And, inspire.

What's their edge?

Your team has already 'been there, done that' on earth. Because of lifetimes they've lived on this planet, they are...

  • Clued in on mankind's quirks.
  • Have the background.
  • Gleaned wisdom.

Here's what else...

The advisors don't dictate. And, they don't judge.

Now, get this...

Soul spirit guides deliver information you can't find at your level of conscious awareness.

The guides heed appeals for help. Big or small. And, no matter what happens, your personal team always sticks around.


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Your Mentors

Exclusive guides have specialties compatible with your own distinct soul signature. The payoff? They can advise into maximizing your soul-level qualities.

At least one guide is with you at birth. And, stays for the duration of your life.

More guiding spirits make their entrance as you get older. Not surprising, since compared to diaper days and early childhood, there are many more choices up for grabs, to build your life, during teenage years and as a young adult.

An extra guide will sometimes show up as a 'temp' for special duty. 

For example, you may aspire to do project management. A coach can step in to help with order and functionality. Or, you may want to become a traveling food critic. And, a guide can drop in to assist with embracing adventure.

So, when you ask for help, what's their way of getting in touch?

How They Reach You

Your personal spirit guides are non-physical beings. This doesn't mean they won't go out of their way to announce themselves when you ask. Brace yourself for surprises.

Let's take a look at examples of what they may show up as...

  • Isosceles triangle.
  • Sequence of the same 5 numbers. Such as 22222.
  • Strong, warm sensation in the heart area.
  • A vision.
  • Stream water!

Personal soul guides may also send an impulse to get your attention. For instance, an itch in the arch of your foot. Or, 'clicking' in the ear.

That's not all...

A mysterious, gripping dream may urge you to spotlight its dream meaning. You may have made a deliberate plea. And, the dream is a cue something is up.

What happens afterward can be pure magic.

For example...

  • A complete stranger comes into your life.
  • Unusual insight.
  • Catch phrase gives an 'Aha!' moment.
  • A quiet inner voice streams what's what about your situation.

In essence,...

Your soul guides will find a way to show they're around to support you. And, as you become familiar with their style of assistance, you'll understand what is a YES or a NO as to what aligns with the real you.

Personal spirit guides are always here for you. And, can deliver assistance in the nick of time. You can bank on their expertise. And, won't be disappointed.

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