4 Keys To Gutsy Soul Healing
by Jennifer Orpen

It's easy to think of soul healing as a supernatural event. But, the real doctoring is an earthly affair. And, 4 musts help you pull it off so you can accomplish what you want for your life.

You have decided it's time to invest in yourself. You want to recognize what makes you feel whole. And, create your future now.

But, maybe you feel held back. Or, come up short, again and again, trying to satisfy deep longings. Yet, feel incapable of changing your circumstances.

Look no further.

The difficulty can be tracked down in your soul history. And, what started the problem, revealed. However, the real curative takes place in the here and now. With 4 essentials to make for impactful soul healing.

They are...

Soul Healing - 4 Gutsy Essentials to Pull It Off

1. Know what you want to feel.
2. Set an intention you want to make come true.
3. Select the supreme directive.
4. Do to have what you want.

Why Soul Healing?

There's a hole in your heart but you can't pinpoint what the emptiness is about. Chase after ghosts and don't know why. Or, the same trouble keeps showing up in your life.

But, the depressing emotional toll is what hurts most.  

These are sober reasons to consider healing your soul. It's as if the heartbreak suggests it is time for better. To invest in yourself. And, get to the bottom of what makes you feel whole.

And, when you do,...

Making use of the soul talents you were born with becomes part-and-parcel of the healing process.

You can aim for what has always mattered to you. Feel accomplished at solving personal problems. And, can finally stop pretending to be someone you're not.

What's more, it is the perfect opportunity to...

  • Take control of the kind of experiences you want for your life.
  • Decide the results you want.
  • Stop the pattern of mediocre outcomes.

Now, let's take a look at 4 essentials to high-powered soul healing.

1. What do you want to feel?

It's easy to peg emotions as the end result of any life situation. Something to look back on and, maybe, think about.

If there were unpleasant feelings, you adjust to avoid future distress. But, could lose a colossal amount of time experimenting along the way. With no guarantee of getting any satisfaction.

However, there is another, faster way to bring on the gratifying in your life.

The technique is progressive. Has 'Take-Charge' written all over it. And, zooms in on what you want to experience. Each, a potent ingredient for healing the soul.

What is the strategy?

Choose what you want to feel. Ahead of time.

Selecting, on purpose, a specific emotion you want to experience, is a leap into the driver's seat. You are deciding how it is you want to experience your life. The true marvel, though, is how this approach can give your reality a face-lift.


Each action you take is guided by the emotion you choose to feel. Moreover, whether you want to feel punctual, well-heeled or brazen, any part of your day can turn into a remarkable, heady experience.

You can tweak behavior to cheer up your life. Dignify it. Or, go the route of doing only what rings true in your heart, nothing else. This is real soul healing. And, can change the relationship you have with yourself.

There's more...

The brain, alert to your upbeat style, rewards with feel-good sensations. Tuned in to your pleasant vibes, you will also notice when you wander off track. Your body will tell you.

2. Set the Intention

At times, painful disappointment signals there is a need to fill in your soul so you can prosper and feel satisfied.

Spelling out an intention to get the result you want, kicks off the soul healing process of filling this need.

That is,...

Set the Intention - What do you want to make come true?

You want to make clear, from the get-go, what it is you want to make come true for yourself. Better yet, for a majestic effect, include why you want this to happen, emotion-wise.

Here's what else...

The more specific your intention, the better your chances are of getting what you want.[i]

So, do include What, Why, When, Where and especially, How you plan to follow through on your intention. You'll be super-effective at satisfying deep-felt longings.

In addition, you will easily...

  • Prioritize what matters to you.
  • Say “No” to what doesn't work.
  • Ditch habits that don't bring you closer to what you want.

3. Befriend I Choose vs. I Should

The talk going on inside your head plays a huge part in healing the soul. It may show how you respect yourself. Gives a shot in the arm during tough times. Or, delivers insight on how to make your life better.

But, another kind of language does the opposite. The words suffocate. Clip your wings. Or, insinuate you're not good enough.

One such example, is using the words “I should”.

I Should

The problem with saying “I should'” is what it might suggest. It can belittle your authority. And, trick into believing you are 'not enough'. Less than. Inferior.

“I should” can also come across as an obligation. Something you have to do. And, feel forced to obey.[ii]


If you brush off “I should”, guilt can ooze in. Regret. Shame. Heavy, slow-vibrating emotions that tear down and wear out.

On the other hand, soul healing is all about vibration speed-up. And, on par with 'lightness' and 'bright' in your actions, thoughts and emotions.

That said,...

Let's look at replacing 'I should' with a superb directive.

I Choose

Everything about saying “I choose” suggests you are taking matters into your own hands. The wording is decisive. And, action-oriented.

“I choose” announces you are giving yourself the go-ahead to do something you want. Indeed, this is how several dictionaries define 'choose':

  • “Select the best or more appropriate of two or more alternatives” Oxford Dictionaries.
  • “To select freely and after consideration” Merriam-Webster.
  • “To think about which one of several things is the one you want and take action to get it” Cambridge English Dictionary.

An “I choose” mindset fixes on your preference. What matters to you. How you want to experience this particular part of your life.

What's more...

“I choose” can serve as a tell-no-lie barometer. And, can lay bare how honest you are with yourself at decision time. Pivotal for a healthy relationship with your soul.

Which brings us to an all-important essential to gutsy soul healing...

Treat yourself to a no-nonsense Soul Closeup analysis. Discover Who You Are at Soul Level.

Learn about the newsletter Soul Connected and see if it's a good fit for you.

 4.Take Action

Make no mistake...

A befitting cornerstone to soul healing is...Take action. That is, DO your soul gifts to make come true the results you want for your life. Poring over habit quotes can help get you started strongly, too, (and keep going) when you decide you want to make changes in your life.

Something else. And, it's important.

Every time you do take action, you overrule doubt and hesitation of going after what it is you want for yourself.

In addition...

The brain is the great rewarder for taking action. It can let loose pain-killers while you're busy doing. Spark a positive state of mind. And, make you feel good from the inside out.

Your brain can also give you an appetite to do more for yourself.[iii]  Stay focused and lift mood.

And, let's not forget taking action for your soul also...

  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Evaporates troubled thinking.
  • Releases the toxic and stagnant.
  • Irons out disturbance in your personal energy.

One more thing...

To cultivate winning habits at healing the soul, it pays to know in advance, how you want to see yourself. It will help make crystal clear how you can guide your behavior.


Be sure to check out Soul Closeup for more on healing the soul using your soul gifts.

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  4. Note:A very special Thank You to Danielle Laporte for Key #1. 'What Do You Want to Feel?' is her brainchild.

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