Soul Closeup
The Ultimate Remedy For Blockage

Yes! You Can Finally Make The Life You Want For Yourself With Soul Closeup.”

Jennifer Orpen of Soulangle.comJENNIFER ORPEN

For You The Doer,

Do you sometimes feel somehow blocked from making the most of your life? Does it seem like no matter what you do, results are always disappointing?

You cannot explain the invisible wall. But, you're sure of one thing: It's keeping you from reaching your deepest, most cherished goals. And, you've had enough...

“I'm so tired of my awful results.”

“Nothing works.”

“I don't know what to do anymore. ”

Are you beyond frustrated with trying to understand what's going on?

Look no further...

There's a soul connection to your current circumstances.

Let me explain.

Soul Closeup

Your soul is filled with true-blue characteristics and qualities good for everyday, practical use. What's more, you've got the perfect make-up to reap the benefits these traits offer.

When you use these gifts of the soul – abundance – well-being - fulfillment -- become the norm in your life. You're forever energized with an appetite to experience what you want for yourself.


When your soul personality is ignored or shut down, you may feel deprived or empty. A listless reality can creep in. And, your circumstances show it. You might not even remember the last time you've felt pure joy or satisfaction with something you've done for yourself.

That said...

Why should you lose out on a satisfying life?

Announcing the long-term solution you've been looking for.

An intuitive, exacting research about your soul can reveal the inside story about who you are at your very core. You can also uncover how choices you made over a string of lifetimes still influence you today and shape your current circumstances. I call the analysis of these findings - Soul Closeup.

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Join me in conversation and discover what makes you YOU at the level of soul. Know the ins and outs of what makes you tick---what you're designed for and do effortlessly. Imagine how this in-depth knowledge can change, even soften the relationship you have with yourself.


You'll find out how you continue to cut off access to your soul gifts which affects your energy and spark.  Don't worry...You'll discover how to re-connect with these talents so you can go for the gold in your life.

Bottom line?

Your Soul Closeup analysis provides the blueprint to achieve results YOU want.

So, let's make you a repeat winner.

Have in your possession your own Exclusive, No-Nonsense Soul Closeup and discover...

Who You Are at Soul Level---Find out about your inbuilt characteristics, talents and quirks highlighting your true core self. At long last, you can make peace with the kind of life you want for yourself. And, feel good about what you do to make it all come true.

Your Soul Specialization---A distinct skill set you command really well. You can zero in on environments you'll always thrive in. Why settle for the unsatisfying?

Your Primary Life Theme---A keynote, with a motto, that routinely appears in your life. You'll recognize when and where it shows up so you don't get blind-sided when the theme appears. Best of all, you have complete control over how you want to experience it.

You'll also solve the riddle of...

How You Stop Yourself From Success---You can take control right away of what you want. No more guessing about how to make cherished goals come true. Time-wise, you'll be super-efficient, rolling out productive action to achieve the payoffs you deserve.

How To Break The Pattern of Poor Results---You'll always know exactly what to do to have the quality life you dream of. You'll prosper in the self esteem activities department. Sleep better at night, because you'll know - in the blink of an eye - how to solve troublesome life problems.

And, guess what?

YES!  You have a guarantee your Soul Closeup analysis rings true or you owe nothing. 

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So, it adds up to this...

You can change disheartening circumstances right now, BOSS of the life you want for yourself.

You don't waste time guessing how to tackle personal problems.

You'll feel good about what you do to build a life you're happy with.

You'll enjoy the satisfaction of doing on purpose, to make come true what you want.

What's more...

You won't short-change yourself again since you'll always know - and can depend on - what works best for you.

You'll be the pro who knows how to handle unhappy areas of your life while breaking bad habits that have been haunting you.

Best of all...

You don't have to decide right now if your Soul Closeup analysis rings true. Because you'll have a chock full of extra time to examine what you discover before you shell out a dime.

Picture yourself feeling complete. A success at accomplishing your most treasured goals. Always in control of results you want.

You can finally stop the pattern of lousy endings. And, give happiness a second chance.

Most of all,...

You'll always look like you know what you're doing to make life better.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Started on my Soul Closeup Analysis at

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As psychic help, my analysis about your soul gives you all the information you need to change unhappy circumstances and ring in healthy lifestyle habits you're uniquely suited for. Let me help you make your dreams of a satisfying life come true.

For ordering a Soul Closeup analysis now, I'm giving you these bonuses absolutely free...

  1. A Custom-Made Energy Jumpstart so you can get going right now and pull off brand-new results. You'll also receive a personalized assignment to help stay focused on what you want. (Valued at $160)

  2. 2 Thirty-Minute Follow Up Sessions – So you have time to troubleshoot problems and brainstorm ideas. You'll be razor-sharp and organized while you create the life you want for yourself. (2 sessions  at $120 ea., a value of $240)

  3. 3 Sessions of Recordings – Every word is captured during the analysis presentation and the two follow-up sessions for two and a half hours of good-for-life information you'll always have at your fingertips. You'll never miss out on valuable clues to your well-being. (3 recordings valued at $345)

                                                                                                                  Total Bonus Value $745

Now it's your turn to profit...

 Your Soul Closeup Analysis + the bonuses is yours at $399.

But, I have an even better idea...

100% Risk Free Reservation

Listen, I’ll take all the risk on this offer. You don't have to take any risk. I'll supply you with the personalized Soul Closeup package and you examine the analysis for a month.

You send me no money. At the end of a 30-day period, if you aren't excited about what the analysis reveals, you'll owe me nothing. You can keep the recordings for all three sessions and you'll have already gotten a jump start. You still owe me nothing since I didn't charge you anything. If you feel your soul analysis rings true and love what this knowledge can do for you, I’ll then bill you $399 for the Soul Closeup analysis. 

Don't wait!

Make Your Move Now

Your Soul Closeup analysis reveals your very own nest egg of built-in soul gifts. Good for life and yours forever. You'll finally have in your hands the secret to solve heartaches you don't want to put up with anymore.

Get your complete Soul Closeup package for just $399.

Count Me In to get my Soul Closeup Analysis so I can find out know who I am at soul level.


Signed by Jennifer

 Jennifer Orpen

P.S. Act now and avoid disappointment. Pay nothing for 30 days.

P.P.S. This is an exceptional no-risk offer. You'll have four weeks to check the analysis before you shell out a dime.

P.P.P.S. The extra follow up sessions are terrific for building confidence. You won't lose time fumbling in the dark while you create change in your life.

I'm In for a reservation to find out who I am at soul level.

Your reservation stays private and protected.

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