10 Self Esteem Building Activities
The Soul Loves
by Jennifer Orpen

Self esteem building activities are a golden chance to recognize deep-rooted needs you harbor within. Why is this a big deal? The yearnings may have close ties to your soul makeup. And, addressing them can bring long-lost soul gifts back to life. 

Self Esteem Building Activities to rediscover your qualities - You Got This


Taking up self esteem building activities matters. It shows your willingness to spend time on you. Moreover, rescue personal qualities from darkness and neglect so you can start to enjoy making the most of them.

Defining Self Esteem

The definition of self esteem can be thought of as how much you value yourself. Accept and respect who you are as a person. Namely, self-esteem can be seen as the measure of how you feel about yourself. Whether it's good, bad or anything in between. [1]

We need self esteem to champion our qualities. Set personal boundaries. Bring on expanded consciousness to better deal with life's curve balls.

In any case...

The state of your self esteem carries weight. Because, how you feel about yourself dictates the kind of choices you make for your life. This impacts the quality of your experiences. Which, in turn, can affect your soul fabric.

So, let's ensure your self esteem pitches in to help make life better by making it strong.

Building Self Esteem

Strengthening self esteem requires 2 actions, according to psychologist Guy Winch: [2]

  1. Cut short the faultfinding in your head, filled with putdowns and criticism aimed at you.
  2. Single out your personal assets – the characteristics and qualities you own. AND give them your stamp of approval.

The undertaking can feel settling and bring on a sense of peace. Even in your sleep, intriguing dream symbols may show up to back your efforts.

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And, now...

Here are ten exercises you can count on to help build up your self-esteem:

10 Self Esteem Building Activities

The Upbeat

  1. Visualize your most enjoyable experiences. It soothes the soul when you remember what it's like to feel good. And, also serves as a reminder to stick with people and circumstances that bring on the same warm feelings inside.

  2. Every morning, say 5 things you are, in all sincerity, thankful for. Grow into what you appreciate. It helps recognize what you consider valuable. And, can lift the way you see your life.

  3. Congratulate yourself for 3 things you've done for yourself today. For example, reworking the budget and finding extra money for your 'fun' fund. Or, getting to work 10 minutes early, because it's what you wanted to do.

  4. Celebrate success, big or small. Treat yourself to a delightful reward when you accomplish something. For instance, sipping on a yummy coffee with all the trimmings, now that you just solved an exhausting problem.


Self esteem building activities CAN make you feel better about your life.

      5.   Set loose your personality. Wear choice clothing or an accessory that paints a flattering picture of your can-do  attitude. Every time you walk by a mirror, take a good look...You'll feel better.

      6.  Take on bite-sized challenges you can achieve.  Choose 1 action you'll carry out today. Such as, calling a friend. Wear cologne. Or, straighten out the footwear in your hallway. Keep it simple.

Add Up The Wealth

The next self esteem building activities involve handwriting. To improve self esteem, using pen and paper is the way to go, because what you write down becomes a story...about you. [2]

Furthermore, to put the spotlight on your qualities and credits... Read them out loud. According to studies, voicing this extra wealth makes it personal and easier to claim as yours. [3]

Here goes...

     7.    Whip out a list of what you like to do. Every week, do one of them. Pleasant feelings stay fresh in your memory. And, close by.

     8.    Detail everything you've accomplished in your life. It can help better remember your achievements.[4] And, focus your attention on prosperity instead of lack.

     9.    List your personal assets. How you comb your hair, handle money, settle arguments, buy a car, prepare the dinner table, choose friends,...Leave no stone unturned. Look at the list often. There's more to you than you think.

    10.  Note what's doing okay in your life right now. You might be surprised at what you come with.

Signs of Healthy Self Esteem

Which clues may suggest you're approaching healthy self esteem? For starters, you feel more comfortable in your skin. Including, trust you'll find some way to solve problems that come up.

Along with...

  • Unbothered by what others think of your choices.
  • Refuse to put yourself down.
  • Give yourself permission do what it is you want for yourself.

Here's the deal...

Making a run at self esteem building activities shows you already see value in yourself. And, want to take it a step further by discovering more things about yourself.

With that said...

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