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Yes Jennifer, please secure my reservation so I can receive my no-nonsense, 90-minute SOUL CLOSEUP ANALYSIS and discover Who I Am at Soul Level---Qualities, traits and habits pointing out my true Core Self. I'll also learn about my Soul Specialization and central Life Theme, a keynote that routinely appears in my life.


I'll find out how choices I made over a string of lifetimes still affect me today and shape my current situation. Better still, I'll discover how to break the pattern of upsetting results I keep getting and finally take control of what I want.

Before the analysis even gets started,...

So my time is well-spent receiving accurate information, a FREE pre-screen will confirm true-blue access to my soul story.

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty...

Free 30-Day Examination

Yes! I have a guarantee my Soul Closeup Analysis rings true or I owe you nothing. I decide if the analysis makes sense. I don't have to take one bit of risk.

Yes! I send no money for 30 days. After I receive my Soul Closeup, I can examine the analysis for a month before I shell out a dime. At the end of thirty days, if the analysis doesn't make sense, I owe you nothing. If the analysis rings true and I'm delighted with what this knowledge can do for me, I'll get billed for the Soul Closeup Analysis.

That's not all...

Free Bonuses

By making my reservation now for a Soul Closeup Analysis, I'll get these bonuses absolutely free...

A Custom-Made Jumpstart and Personalized Homework so I can get going right now and pull off new results. From the get-go, I'll be in control of what I want. (Value $160)

2 x 30-min. Follow Up Sessions – I can troubleshoot problems and brainstorm ideas. I won't lose time stumbling in the dark while I create change in my life. (2 sessions at $120 ea., Value $240)

Two and a Half Hours of Recordings – Every word is captured in the analysis and follow up sessions. One hundred and fifty minutes of life-changing information I'll have forever, right at my fingertips. Plus, safeguards are in place to keep my information private while the recordings are delivered to me. (Value $345)

                                                                    Total Value in Bonuses $745

Here's what I get...

          My Soul Closeup Analysis plus all the bonuses are mine for $399

The time is now...

My soul analysis comes with a risk-free ironclad guarantee. If I'm not excited about what the analysis reveals, I owe you nothing. And, I keep the recordings. If the soul analysis rings true and I'm thrilled with what this knowledge can do for me, I'll get billed $399 USD for the Soul Closeup Analysis.

For the first time ever...

I'll know about my very own built-in nest egg of soul gifts I can use anytime, anywhere, to achieve the results I want for my life. I'll never short-change myself again because I'll finally have in my hands the secret to solve disappointments I don't want to put up with anymore.

I can picture myself feeling complete, in control of results I want, with all the information I need to make my dreams come true. And,...

I'll be the pro who knows how to solve life problems.

No Hassle Guarantee
I think you'll be delighted with your "SOUL CLOSEUP ANALYSIS"
But if for any reason you're not, I promise you my
100% pay-nothing guarantee, no questions asked!

Act Now!

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Signed Jennifer

Jennifer Orpen

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P.P.S. Please understand, following the 30-day examination period for the Soul Closeup analysis, there is NO REFUND, EXCHANGE OR CREDIT.

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