Remembering Dreams 
Make These Mistakes?
by Jennifer Orpen

Remembering dreams isn't a given. Blunders can hijack memory. And, frustrate plans to connect with the soul. But, the trend can be reversed.

Simple mistakes easily make you forget what dreams are telling you.

Excellent recall thrives on sharp awareness of your surroundings. Tweaks in sleep habits. And, a tool to stimulate memory.

The bottom line, though, is to have genuine interest in dream recollection. Motive means everything.

Remembering Dreams

Remembering dreams - Getting the message

What makes for amazing dream recall?

  • Waking up often.
  • Sensitive to sound during sleep. 
  • Little or no use of an alarm clock. 
  • Motionless body position when waking.
  • Ignoring the day's upcoming to-do's.

As well as, interested awareness of ...

  • Surroundings.
  • Incidents. 
  • Situational atmosphere.
  • Emotional barometer.
  • Reactions.


A yen for mimicking, inventing images of yourself. And, that of others. Let's face it, we do this. And, they're tagged, subconsciously, for future use.

But, slip-ups can muddy remembrance.

 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Innocent lapses can wipe out dream flashback. But, 3 of them, when addressed, encourage astonishing recall. And, make for fascinating dream interpretations.

So, let's get started...

1. Oblivious to Surroundings

Dream liveliness depends on an appetite to notice details, even tiny ones, in your environment.

  • Objects, features and shape
  • Color
  • Attitude
  • Past experience
  • Emotions

...register in the subconscious. Then, mined by your psyche to enrich dream essence.

But, indifference to particulars begets forgotten dreams. You may be even dealing with brain fog, something herbal healing can make disappear.


Avoid disappointment. Notice the small details of your day. For example, observing...

  • The suit a coworker wears. Is it wrinkled? Old-fashioned or stylish? Made of polyester or cotton? What color is it? 


  • How a friend eats at the restaurant. Nit-picker or crammer? Talks while chewing food? Do the eyes wander all over the place? 

The psyche feeds on your unique perspective. Dreams become flamboyant. And, can open the door to easily remember them.

2. Not Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep brings about forgetfulness. Feeling dead tired is the culprit. And, the key to counter this, is a good night's sleep. By allowing all sleep stages to fully cycle.

They are...

  • Drowsiness.
  • Light sleep.
  • Deep sleep.
  • REM – dream sleep.

Adults need about 7-9 hours of fitful sleep. But, ideal mileage for shut-eye, is highly individual. And, suggests experimenting to discover what works for you.

When hours are skimped, your body squares rest, repair, and re-energize, a deep sleep event, as a first must-do. But, this can trample on dream time. No wonder you can't remember.

What's more,..

Early morning favors dream themes. But, late night hours and getting up early, erases time to let yourself float back and remember.


Want an exquisite incentive for better sleep? Indulge in the physical sensations body massages release. You won't regret it.

3. Don't Record the Dream

To remember dreams, jot it down on paper. Or, voice record it. As soon as you wake up.

Writing or speaking, in present tense, rekindles dream memory. Details, accurate dialogue, emotions, all chip in to complete the description. Drawing the imagery also induces remembrance.

In essence...

Entering dreams in a journal prompts memory to open up. So you can connect the dots and get the story.

Intend To Catch The Dream

To remember dreams, can be as simple as setting an intention to do so.

Phrases, like these, can help...

  • “When I wake up, I want to remember the dream.”
  • “I want to wake up after a dream. And, remember it.”
  • “Wake up after a dream. I want to remember it.”

Remembering dreams isn't a given. But, recording them works. So does intention. Wholesome sleep.  And, for breakthrough results, keeping a sharp eye out for little details in your surroundings.

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