Personal Responsibility
And The Soul
by Jennifer Orpen

Personal responsibility could always mean it is weight you carry around. Or, to realign with the soul, opportunity to experience freedom and your personal power. 3 essentials make it happen. But, one vaults you over the top.

Every choice always has a consequence. To optimize your soul gifts, how you handle it matters. What's more, it isn't something you decide to take responsibility for in one situation. But, ignore the next time.

What can set you apart from the crowd is mindset. Believe you are in control of your life, architect of your circumstances. Or, react as a victim.

Want to be smart in a soul approach to living? Then, read on.

Personal Responsibility Means...

Personal Responsibility for the soul- Do's and Don'ts

Taking responsibility for the life you have is a promise. To live up to yourself.

Without asking someone else give you permission.

Accepting a 'personally responsible' stance is about giving yourself the green-light to take care of yourself...first.

Try it and you'll see...

Own your choices.

No matter how petty, boring or earth-shattering, each choice sets the stage to align with your soul. Or, shows you are steering off course.

Don't worry,...

No matter what mistakes are made, you can hop right back in and adjust. You are in complete command of your life. No one else even comes close.

Soul Says...

Action is the name of the game for your soul. It wants to experience your thinking, your feelings, your sensations, your physicality – everything.

Does the soul strong-arm you into being personally responsible? No.

Your soul simply tags along for the ride. Its talents you possess either kick into gear. Or, remain static when you go off course. You call the shots.

But, make no mistake...Every choice counts.

The Problem

3 essentials champion the attitude you live up to yourself.

  • Choose.
  • Take action.
  • Accept the consequences.

To choose and follow through with your decisions are basics for soul realignment. And, easy to expect that's all there is to it.


There is always a consequence to any choice you make.


How you handle the aftereffect defines whether you accept personal responsibility for taking action. Or, ditch it because it's inconvenient. Then, it becomes a problem.

No matter what happens after you choose and take action, it is pivotal to accept to live with the consequences. This is what vaults you over the top. Otherwise, steps to realign with your soul have zero effect.


Accept consequences of your actions and you stay true to yourself. After all, you want to elevate your life. But, it may happen you entertain thoughts that only discredit your efforts.

Such as..

  • Guilt.
  • Criticism.
  • Regret.


  • Denial.
  • Worry.
  • Doubt.


Humoring negative thoughts is a quit on taking personal responsibility.

Negative thinking interrupts flow. You come to a standstill, unable to move forward. Or, mudslinging thoughts may show you resist change, something natural healing remedies can address.

That's not all...

Others around you may not like one bit what you do for yourself. Blame you for their misery. And, to cope with your discomfort, you cheapen yourself.

Please understand,...

Adults create their own circumstances. How others respond is a choice they make. And, are on the hook for their own choices. When you see it happen and let it be, it's a smart move.

To live personal responsibility is to live your freedom and personal power. But, it needs your tenacity. Recognize and accept its central role in realigning with your soul. You won't be disappointed.

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