No Motivation
What's Going On?
by Jennifer Orpen

With no motivation, there's no action. And, without action you can't exploit your soul gifts. So, when the energy to get going disappears, what's causing the trouble?

You are a creator. A maker. The one who builds your life. By doing.

But, you have to want to make it happen. Yet, may sense you're holding back.


Passion crushers could be the problem. And, can delay putting in time and effort to access and live your soul-level gifts.

Action is everything.

Reason for Living

Without a driving force guiding your life, it's easy to become lost.


You are a natural builder. Creator of your life. Forged by action. Doing.

By doing, you can discover what really matters to you. And, create more of that. It becomes your driving force. Better still, the perfect no-motivation neutralizer.

No Motivation

No Motivation - It's All In Your Hands

Being human is an arena for the soul to experience itself through you. But, it's no given. Free will, the power to act at your own discretion, is in the equation.

You have to want to make it happen.

But, for some reason, you're holding back. Motivation to get going just isn't there.


You may feel aimless, worthless, depressed.

Flattened Enthusiasm

Having no motivation may appear as...

  • Low passion.
  • Indecision.
  • Dread of what others think.


  • Laziness.
  • Afraid of failing.
  • High anxiety.

Where could this come from?

Distinct past events may have left a mental heartbreak you can't seem to shake. Affects a specific life area. Or, several. Such as in...

  • Close relationships.
  • Finances.
  • Health.
  • Line of work.

In any case...

Lack of motivation can show up as apathy, paralysis, unhappiness. There can be another reason. You hate change. But, natural healing remedies can help with that.

Passion Crushers

Backbiters can leave you with no motivation to do a thing for yourself. Such as dilly-dallying or suddenly feeling exhausted when something significant needs to be done.


Do any of these motivation silencers ring a bell?


The grass is always greener on the other side. But, not on yours. And, should be.

Maybe you think you're not worth investing in. And, ignore any progress you make.

So much attention is placed on others having more time, money, skill, happiness, you name it, focus disappears on building up these very things for yourself.


Another bullet no motivation uses is ignoring to appreciate what you have. Giving thanks for what's happened in your day.

Lack of gratitude dismisses what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. What you think, dream of. And, feel.

Neglecting to be thankful for the very things declaring you are more than just a bag of skin, can snuff out motivation to create more for yourself.

Giving thanks to the 'ordinary' can inject clarity and tranquility. Give room for incentive to pour out.


Having too much going on can choke the urge to get going. Freeze action.

Perhaps, less is more for you. The trick is to zero in on what really matters to you. Act on those. And, hold off on the rest.

But, other individuals may prefer tons of activity. Except, in the commotion, they drag their feet.

The key is to get the big picture of all the to-do's. And, break them down into tiny, doable chunks. Sometimes, so small you can't not do them.


Reaching a goal too fast can dull spark that got you going in the first place. And, you may wonder why it's so hard to move on to the next goal.

It is possible you didn't 'smell the flowers' along the way. Scooted past instances that could have mattered. But, didn't notice. Perhaps, corners were cut, too.

Slowing down allows you to think about what's relevant and what isn't. Crossroads where choices can be adjusted to invite more satisfaction. And, keep eagerness from disappearing.

Having no motivation can delay putting in time and effort to live your soul gifts. Block your natural ability to create – build a life you're suited for. But, the smart way to breakthrough is to always try one more time. Are you ready?

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