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by Jennifer Orpen

Get the newsletter to elevate your chances of taking control of your life. And, make come true what you want for yourself. This is why Soul Connected was created.

What's a must for building vibrant connection to your soul? Taking action, in alignment with your soul's traits, to materialize what it is you want for yourself. And, what the Soul Connected bulletin aspires to energize.

The Newsletter - Soul Connected - where you can start living the life you want

What You Can Expect

This email newsletter is for you if you believe the soul holds the answer to why the same life problems keep coming back.You want to put an end to the pattern. And, take control of creating the life you want for yourself.

Even if you don't yet know your soul traits and skill set, sign up. The newsletter can give you a head start on taking charge of changing unhappy situations you're fed up with.

Now, before I go on,...

Soul Connected is devoted to the go-getter who knows that action is the way to go to make life better.

With that said,...

Here's a digest of what you can expect from the newsletter:

  • When: Once-a-month publication.
  • What: Recap of new pages and any updates.
  • Extra:Tip of the month backed by resources you can link to. 
  • Select information you won't find anywhere else on the website.

...And, the newsletter is free.

Here's more:

  • Special price for members who want to know their Soul Closeup
  • Qualify to take a crack at new services or products I offer before the general public can.

As member of “Soul Connected”, you come first. And, merit preferential treatment.

Sign up now.

The Soul Connected Newsletter


I ask for your email address and first name. And, to fulfill three provisions. Once each one's been met, click on the box next to it. Then, click on “I'm In!” to subscribe.

You'll be taken to a Thank You page with instructions to help keep Soul Connected out of the Spam/Junk mailbox.

An email will follow to confirm the subscription. To make it a Yes, click on the link provided in the message. A page will pop up certifying success. And, a welcome email will follow.

Why go through the trouble of confirming your subscription?

It's to make sure you're the one signing up. Not someone else using your email address to subscribe without you knowing about it.

Newsletter Delivery

You'll receive the newsletter the 2nd Thursday of each month.

What Soul Connected Includes

What the "Soul Connected" includes each month

1-2 images are included in the email, associated with the month's topic. For fast load time to your inbox, their file sizes are made smaller.

What’s New

Receive a summary of what's new and updated along with a link to each page. You'll be in control of your time and, can decide right then and there, if you want to look over the material in more detail.

Tip of the Month

The Soul Connected monthly tips are for my subscribers only. And, not available on the website.

Here's what else...

You'll have time to perfect the tip. Because, you'll have four weeks to fine-tune it before the next one arrives.

Ask the Editor

Have something you want to ask? It's nice to feel heard. And, clear up question marks. I'll respond within 48 hours.

What’s Next...

Get advance notice about the next newsletter's subject matter. And, know right away, if it can help you get a handle on a problem you want solved.


Any source I find to strengthen a tip has a link to the material so you can check it out if you wish. A time-saver since you won't have to do the work searching yourself.

Sharing with Friends

There'll be a note, at the tail end of each issue, about forwarding the email to someone you think could benefit from the information. You'd be delivering an act of kindness. And, it shows you care.

Why not subscribe now?

Once In A While

On occasion, I'll put out a special bulletin in the newsletter. And, only if I think it could be helpful. It may be about a product I recommend. Or, a new service I offer.


This type of message will be uncommon.

What You Won't Get

You deserve to relax and feel safe when looking through your inbox. So, here's what you won't have to put up with when joining Soul Connected:

What You Won't get in the email newsletter 'Soul Connected'
  • Email overload. 
  • Petty, random drivel. 
  • Ill-considered tips. 
  • Cheesy recommendations.
  • Sales trumpeting every month.

I’ll never spam. Or sell, share or give away your email address, either.

It's important to be protected from receiving unwanted, invasive emails. And, I want to pitch in to help you feel that way.

Your Data

I only ask for basics to sign up...Your first name and email address. This information won't be used for any other purpose but to subscribe to the newsletter.

Personal and non-personal identifiable information collected is stored on's host servers. The host company is SiteSell Inc. For more details, please check my privacy policy.

Measures are also in place supporting the European General Data Protection law. Also known as GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - The directive reinforces your rights, as an individual, to access and control data about you.

As a result...

You can get a hold of, change or remove your information if you decide this is what you want to do. In addition, every Soul Connected newsletter has a link you can click on, to unsubscribe on all counts, at any time.


You can always unsubscribe by means of a link included in every newsletter. Click on it and you'll receive an email saying your name and email address have been removed from Soul Connected subscriptions. Easy. Convenient. Fast.

Changing email address

You can change email address to receive the newsletter if you want to. The link is at the bottom of the monthly. Clicking on it will take you to a page at SoulAngle.

Enter the new email address. Hit the 'Change Address' box and you're done. Effortless.


  • The Soul Connected newsletter comes out a once a month. You'll have more time to absorb the material and let it crystallize. Giving you a chance to sit back and work smarter, not harder.
  • Benefit from extra tips non-subscribers don't get access to.
  • Soul Connected members are the sole recipients of a special price for Soul Closeup, your personal soul portrayal. It's my way of celebrating your interest in wanting to take care of yourself.

Why Join?

Feel less starved for time since information you're interested in, will come to you. Gone are the days of wading through endless bookmarks looking for the link to SoulAngle.

What's more...

Joining the Soul Connected newsletter can start the ball rolling on cultivating a knack to get clear fast on what you want for yourself.

The newsletter commits to helping you follow through on who you are at soul level by bringing into play each month's subject matter. And, also supports your resolve to make come true what you want for yourself.

Even if you don't yet know your soul profile, making use of the tips gives you a head start on doing something about changing unhappy circumstances you've had enough of.

It's now or never.

I'd be ecstatic to have you join! Simply sign up below.


Signed Jennifer Orpen

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