Natural Healing Remedies
Handling Change
by Jennifer Orpen

Natural healing remedies can be masterful at helping you deal with change. In particular, while you commit to make use of your soul gifts. Which ones work?

Knowing who you are at soul level gives you the opportunity to make new choices. And, end the pattern of poor results you've been getting. Which can suggest making a change is in the air.

Natural Healing Remedies can help when it's time for change

To be honest,...

Change is not always welcomed with open arms. We like our comfort zone. Hold on to it tightly. And, put up a fierce fight to keep it that way. But, what the battle looks like, is not so clear cut.

For instance, resisting change can appear as...

  • Panic.
  • Unexplained fatigue.
  • Rage.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Itch for distraction.


There are remedies to ease the distress. Quiet the agitated thoughts flooding your mind. Help make peace with troubling emotions.

For example...

5 natural healing remedies are great for soothing the soul. And, can provide friendly downtime to rest, renew and energize while you go for the better results you want for your life.

They are,...

  1. Healing Diet
  2. Body Massages
  3. Body Oils
  4. Relaxing Music
  5. Healing Gemstones

Resisting Change

It needs to be said...Change can be uncomfortable. Chaotic. And, sometimes filled with interruptions and delay.

It's no accident.

Your subconscious resists the idea of rubbing shoulders with what it doesn't know. It hates uncertainty. And, will have other ideas when you decide to make changes to your life.

The subconscious part of our mind will do anything to sabotage your intention to change. And, you might not even realize it.

For instance...

  • Arguments can explode out-of-nowhere.
  • Bad luck keeps piling up.
  • Obsessing takes over your thoughts.

Each, a distraction to keep you from doing new things for yourself.

What's more,...

New behavior can trigger painful memories. And, tempt you to go back to old ways of behaving that don't help get what you really want deep down. The problem is, eventually, you might find you can't move forward, or go back either, completely stuck. Luckily, pivotal soul quotes  offer a novel way of getting out of that bind.

The key is to recognize, early on, the disruption that may be happening which shows resistance. Telltale signs could be feeling uneasy. Frantic thoughts. Sickness. Or, defiant behavior, such as, easily giving in to distraction or addictions.

Here's what else you can do...
Give yourself a break from the commotion with natural healing remedies. And, relieve symptoms of...

  • Upset.
  • Aches and pain.
  • Turmoil.
  • Anxiety.
  • Disappointment.

If a strange dream turns up, you could also consider picking up a dream meaning or two. It can help reveal what your psyche is telling you about how the change is moving along.

Natural Healing Remedies

A Natural Healing Remedy to help cope with change - Essential oils

Now, let's take look at the following 5 natural healing remedies. They help soothe while you deal with the uproar change can trigger. And, worth considering to feel comforted.

1) Healing Diet

Nutritious food and drink can help reduce...

  • Grouchiness.
  • Inflammation.
  • Cravings.
  • Mental fog.


  • Increase stamina.

2) Body Massages

Massaging muscles can...

  • Erase low mood.
  • Dissolve anxiety.
  • Lessen headaches. Backaches.
  • Settle digestive upset.
  • Improve sleep.

3) Body Oils

Body oils can be overlooked as a natural healing remedy. But, you'd be missing out on a terrific restorative.

Not only do the oils leave skin smooth and youthful. They can lift mood. Relax. Warm stiff muscles. And, deliver pain relief.

4) Relaxing Music

There is nothing like relaxing music for creating your zone of inner peace.

Brain-soothing sound...

  • Releases tension.
  • Helps manage pain.
  • Sharpens concentration.
  • Helps fall asleep faster. And, sleep deeply.

5) Healing Gemstones

Gems have vibration qualities that can help where you feel especially vulnerable. Such as, with needing to increase....

  • Confidence.
  • Clarity.
  • Mental or emotional stability.
  • Get-up-and-go.

Bottom line?

Natural healing remedies can revolutionize the way you handle change. As well as, give your mind, body and soul a welcome break from turmoil.

With that said...

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