Natural Healing Guide
About Strange Back Pain
by Jennifer Orpen

A natural healing guide for inexplicable back pain gives a surprising bonus. The convenience of dislodging mental, emotional debris causing stuck behavior. Imagine how this changes what you choose to realign with the soul.

The back is a classic storage bin. Carries thoughts and emotions you don't want to know about. Or, handle.

But, back pain may also flag a block is present. You may be 'supporting' a self-defeating habit. And, it's keeping you from moving forward.

There's more...

Your personal energy could be affected, too.

Your Personal Energy Field:Get rid of unwanted debris using a Natural Healing Guide.

Our human energy field picks up...

  • Unresolved failure.
  • Disappointment.
  • Loss.
  • Fears for survival.

They become clumps of energy clogging life force flow. Physical symptoms can reveal the disruption.

Bossy thinking patterns adds fuel to the fire. Luckily, spiritual healing meditation can interrupt their repeated playback. Hush their effect.

But, a natural healing guide offers an added bonus...Clear pain. That is, reset energy flow.

Most of all,...

A natural healing guide can reinforce what you know is right for you.

Back Pain

What can give back pain? Past memory, emotion overload.

Support is the issue. Getting it. Giving it. Even, supporting, or not supporting, support.

And, can translate as...

  • Conflict with an urge to move forward and dawdling.
  • Inability to attract money.
  • Shouldering twisted responsibility.
  • Belief your future depends on others. Instead of taking charge of your own life.

Ring a bell?

The subconscious will protect what you believe is true. And, may forcefully show this while dreaming. But, if it's only in bits and pieces, help with remembering dreams, can uncover compelling nuances you may have missed.

Here's what else...

Your subconscious will act on a direction you consciously give it. Exactly what a natural healing guide offers.

Natural Healing Guide for Relief

The soul thrives on purpose in your life. But, unexplained back pain announces memory blocks and restriction may be preventing you from enjoying the experience. Except, it's crucial to first rule out medical causes of the pain.

That being said,...

Let's examine some restoratives to help release what's keeping you from moving forward.

Neuro-Emotional Technique

The technique taps into the subconscious. And, reveals emotional upset linked to localized pain. Clears it for your body to heal itself.

Terrific for...

  • Self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Phobias.
  • Anxiety.
  • Toxic thinking.

The bonus?

An opportunity to discover new behavior when negative thoughts, emotional triggers surface.

Shiatsu Massage

The massage focuses on applying finger - hand pressure on specific body points to boost energy circulation. And, rejuvenate your physique's natural healing ability.

Shiatsu massage reduces muscular pain, stiffness, and tension. And, can also ease depression. Anxiety.


  • Remarkable relaxation.
  • Enhanced movement. 
  • Less stumbling. More balance.

A surprise may be waiting...

Your mind mimics the body's benefits, too. Relaxed, flexible, balanced thinking.

Polarity Therapy

The therapy is based on a principle, energy flows between two poles. For perspective, imagine Source -  All That Is, as one pole. Our physicality, the other. And, energy streaming between the two.

A polarity therapy practitioner uses hands as poles. Places them over different parts of the body. And, gets the ball rolling for how energy needs to flow.

As a natural healing guide, reshuffle occurs. Tissues relax. And, may release memory causing blockage.

Understanding the distress can help revamp favorable approaches in behavior.

Jin Shin Jyutsu ®

This simple form of acupressure fixes on points along energy paths – meridians - where energy tends to get stuck.

Finger-hand contact is gentle. With minimal pressure to softly balance body energy flow.

Tension releases. Dead weight goes. And, this can affect symptoms. As well as, the mindset behind the symptoms.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers. Seven are located in the body's midline. And, each one links to a human need.

Chakras become unbalanced when needs aren't met. Or, overplayed. Physical problems can follow.

  • Energy Healing.
  • Sound Therapy.
  • Color Therapy.

...can restore balance. Help tune in to where back pain comes from. Dynamite for sparking goals you want to act on.


Acupressure is designed to release what's stuck 'back there'. Fingers gradually press on key healing points to stimulate your body's self-healing ability.

At last...

  • Less physical pain.
  • Released emotional distress.
  • Freed muscular tension.
  • Restored energy flow.

You may recognize old memories popping up. See them with new eyes. And, realize there's more than one way to handle distressing situations.

A natural healing guide is the perfect opening to discover there may be more to back pain than you think. Difficult memories have had their time and can be let go. And, free you to experience what the soul has to offer. 

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