Metaphysical Healing
Banishing Pain
by Jennifer Orpen

Metaphysical healing can work wonders on your pain and sickness. It can reveal where the true source of misery comes from. Are you ready to change the way you handle physical woes?

The healing method is based on the notion we are energy nestled in a human body. And, our world is mentally caused. It's not surprising, then, to realize thoughts can also manifest as pain, illness.


Metaphysical healing can reshuffle your energy to loosen up thinking patterns gone crooked. And, give you the chance to decide how you want to care for your health.


Metaphysics is based on the tenet we are energy nested in a human body. The soul, coming from All That Is – Creation - blueprinted to experience itself through you. And, you call the shots to make it happen.

We mentally cause our world. It's made real by thoughts we have. What we believe.


  • People you love.
  • Where you socialize.
  • Kind of home you live in.
  • Eating habits.
  • Job you have.

They are point-blank results of what you think. It's no fluke.

And, look at this...

People don't just, out-of-the-blue, become sick. Thoughts that snub natural well-being can eventually devour your health.

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical healing deals with the instigator behind physical complaints...Mental and emotional patterns gone awry.

Metaphysical healing - Unhealthy thoughts.

For instance,...

  • Over-the-board anxiety may be a huge problem in your life. Underneath could lurk the belief “I'm not good enough...ever."
  • You're convinced life is unfair. When major decisions turn up, your hip becomes stiff as a board
  • Believe you are boring. Are bitter about it. And, have joint pain.

But, metaphysical healing can assist in adjusting your energy so you can address, change habits that don't champion well-being.
However, make no mistake...

For healing to do a bang-up job, it is crucial to recognize, and accept, ailments are results you created.

You are the CEO of your energy pattern, thoughts and actions. Responsible for them. And, the energy they broadcast.

Bottom line...

You are totally accountable for creating your health. Or, illness.

Decoding Pain

Physical, mental or emotional pain is a red flag urging you to pay attention. But, you may have no clue what the tip-off is about.

The idea is to notice where the pain or illness is located. It can imply a built-in attitude. And, show how the mindset justifies the distress.

For example, here are a few physical problems and what they could typify...

Neck Stiffness

  • Dislike 'what's behind' you. Won't turn around to look.
  • Refuse to consider other viewpoints.
  • Stubborn.

Sore Knees

  • Don't want to move forward.
  • Limp through life.
  • Won't bend in the face of change.
  • Vanity. Won't be humbled.


  • Don't look perfect.
  • Reject who you are.
  • Hate feeling guilt, shame, anger.
  • Don't want to be visible.


  • Blown relationships.
  • Push too much.
  • Too much strain.
  • Long to set free what you hold back.


  • So mad you can't talk.
  • Terrified to speak up.
  • Endless babbling. Won't listen. 
  • Follow others even when you don't want to.

What 's Next?

You are ahead of the game when you understand illness or pain is more than just bad luck. And, accept responsibility for creating the circumstance.

Now, you can...

Cut short hurtful thoughts. Replace them with more positive ones. Easier said than done.

Extra help may be needed.

Damaging thoughts may be deep-seated. And, your subconscious will do anything to keep it that way. Such as, by making you anxious. However, a healing diet can help reduce the anxiety.

With that said...

Healing, using a metaphysical approach, prompts an energy revamp to jar loose toxic thinking. Clear your head. Giving you the chance, with a fresh viewpoint, to decide how to care for your health.

Metaphysical healing can be remarkable for unbolting and clearing mental and emotional patterns hurting your body. What's more, you get to call the shots with how you want health. Say yes to the awesome promise!

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