Life Lesson
Have You Noticed A Pattern?
by Jennifer Orpen

A soul-level life lesson turns up in your life as the same old story, over and over again. Except, you may lose precious time thinking it is something to learn. But, when you do know the theme, there is opportunity to totally change the way you approach it. Intrigued?

Events in your life, especially important ones, tend to revolve around a keynote. A pattern. The influence shows up in family matters. People you attract. The education and career you take. Heck, even your temperament is wired for it.


The soul-level life lesson has nothing to do with you having to learn it.


Knowing the pattern thrusts you into the driver's seat.

The themed-base pattern can help with how you select partners. Business networks you want to be involved in. Even determine the kind of banking you'd like to do. Possibilities are endless.

In addition,...

No need to lose sleep worrying you have to be expert at it.

Life Lesson – For You or Your Soul?

Well,...The life theme is meant for both. However, what 'lesson' represents could use a makeover. Such as, it isn't about schooling. At all.

You are not the student. Nor, is the soul your teacher. Or, any other greater power for that matter.

There is a pattern, a tendency, that becomes evident in your life. It shows up in various scenarios, with a main theme. 

The pattern may revolve around, for example,...

  • Sincerity.


  • Reward. 


  • Cooperation. 

Whatever the theme may be, it's about sampling it. In different ways. And everything in between.

Where does your soul fit in? It simply gets to experience itself, through your human nature in the ventures. No strings attached.

That being said...

Discover your primary life lesson to make it doubly powerful.

Life Lesson - An adventure for you and the soul


You get to purposely choose how you want to 'taste' the core pattern in your life. And, by extension, it becomes your soul's experience, too.

Ultimate Goal?

This may come as a surprise. But, the goal of a life theme at soul-level isn't about mastering a lesson. Granted, you take personal responsibility for choices you make. However, the life theme isn't something you work on nonstop to 'get better at'.

No achievement required. There is no finish line. No time clock. And, no 'pass or fail' involved.


  • No forced learning to get a 'good grade'. 
  • No need to master 'homework'. 
  • No stress. 

Wouldn't you agree this is a relief?

There is nothing to fix. It is simply a topic you - and your soul - have an adventure with.


What are benefits knowing the primary theme in your life?

For starters...

  • A mind less cluttered. Your path narrows into what can add real meaning to your life.
  • Shrewd tune in on gut feelings and your brains for decision-making.
  • Focus on coming up with crazy-good decisions.


  • Lose the dread something might be wrong with you.
  • Steer clear of habitual reactions that try to please everyone else at your expense.
  • Won't feel so much a victim of circumstances. More concerned with what a situation offers. Instead of thrashing at 'why or 'how' it came up in the first place.

The bottom line is...

Knowing your soul's main life theme can instill inner peace. If you don't feel good about a result in one situation, simply make a different choice the next time. There is no judge and jury to defend against.

The life lesson for your soul is just a theme to experience in different ways. But, can be amazingly powerful when you know what it is. Better still, you don't have to worry you might fall short. Can you feel the pressure-release?

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