Law Of Abundance
Scared of Losing Out?
by Jennifer Orpen

The Law of Abundance states there is more than enough to enjoy a rich life. Do you ever wonder why it feels like you're missing out? The answer lies with the soul. Be prepared, once you know what to do, you'll have a stunning problem-solver.

Universal Laws suggest there is a connection between consciousness and how reality is created. At the root of it all is energy. And, its abundance knows no limit.

The Law of Abundance - A Universal Law always enforced no matter what.

What's more, you are a main player in this affair. Because, what you focus on acts like a magnet. So, if this is true....

Where are the goodies the Law of Abundance is supposed to hand out?

After all, perhaps...

  • You find it near impossible to hang on to money.
  • Relationships are poor and unsatisfying.
  • Health is a constant problem.

Fact is...

Divine Source only dishes out abundance. And, you may be living the abundance of lack

Look no further,...

Exercising what your soul is primarily made up of can address stumbling blocks to wellness.

Universal Laws

Long ago, remarkable intellects figured out universal laws were in place. Apply to everything and everyone. And, are always enforced. No exceptions.

Universal Laws suggest there is a connection between consciousness and 'made' reality.

At the core, lies the understanding reality is pure energy. From All That Is - Divine Source or Omnipresent Consciousness.

What's more...

You are involved. What you think, no matter what it is, does become real.

To increase your understanding of energy and how reality is created, get to know more about Universal Laws. It may also help see emotions and thoughts are energy, too.

Law of Abundance

Law of Abundance - We are richer than we think when we know where to look

The Abundance Law rules on the grounds 'All That Is' knows only abundance. It is everywhere. In everything. Including you.

There is no lack. Ever.

This can be hard to accept. Perhaps, you reckon lack exists because...

  • You compare. 'They' have, you don't.
  • You can have everything. But, someone else loses out.
  • Ignore what you already have.

The truth is...You are 'enough'.

Keep in mind, your beliefs and attitudes create your life. Your reality. But, what you focus on, the Universe gives back in kind.


You may be living the abundance of lack. Or, sickness, debt, regret.

When you sincerely believe, and feel in your bones,...

  • You are enough.
  • Abundance is yours. Always.
  • You qualify...Deserve it.

...Your outer reality will shift to match these truisms.

It starts with you. Don't be left behind.

The Soul

Your soul is made up of energy from All That Is – Divine Source. And, is full of abundance, too. It's why you are already 'enough'.

Here's the deal...

Your soul vibrates at a specific energy level. And, where the Law of Abundance works in sync with the Law of Vibration.

You only attract abundance in things with the same vibration as you have. So, it's helpful to know what your energy vibration is all about. How do you find out?

Know your soul gifts.

When you decide to focus on and align with your soul-level gifts, the Universe repeatedly 'finances' your choices to live your gifts. As long as you take action to support the choices you make.

Here's the problem...

You may want to live your soul gifts. And, your life lesson. But, if your actions don't match what you want, the abundance effect shows up as a result of what you do. Not what you want.

You may think and act like 'you don't have'. Since the Universe knows only abundance, it gives back situations showing...'You don't have.'

Mysterious lower back pain may even appear to point out 'lack' in your mind. Luckily, a natural healing guide can help with negative thinking.

It's simple...

The Law of Abundance is always in play. The trick is to match what you do lines up with what you are abundant in...Your soul gifts.

The Law of Abundance works wonders when you work with it. Do your actions match with what you really want? If not, why not?

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