Expanded Consciousness
15 Signs You Are Tuning Into
Your Soul
by Jennifer Orpen

An expanded consciousness is the ideal place to access rich information you can use to connect to your soul. It helps, too, when you can spot the tip-offs showing you are doing just that. A bonus, because you'll get to enjoy what you do for yourself way more often.

Here's what this is about,...


Expanded Consciousness - Help for Tuning To Your Soul

Several reasons can trigger the urge to expand consciousness. For instance, to satisfy an appetite for adventure. Or, explore other realities you'd like to know about.

On a personal level, perhaps you are looking to...

  • Enrich your understanding of life.
  • Uncover little known parts of yourself.
  • Upgrade the way you think.

Or, again,...

Expanding your consciousness may be on your mind because something in your life has gone stale. And, you want more for yourself. But, need a little extra information to help with moving forward.

Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb for expanded consciousness to help with tuning in to your soul is to notice. Pay attention to....What is going on in your inner world. And, in your immediate environment.

This is so you can pick up sensations going through your body. Words, images and sounds you come across. And, the vibes you get from your surroundings.


The clues can help you decide how you can amplify connection to your soul.

Soul Connecting

The cornerstone for tuning in to your soul is to act on your core makeup and tendencies.

Even if there's but a hazy notion of what these built-in traits consist of, there is an approach you can take to break the ice and usher in discovery.

You can start to...

  • Pay closer attention to your actions and behavior.
  • Notice how you feel afterward.
  • Observe your impulses.
  • Examine your thoughts when you make a choice.

What you find out may be telling. And, help recognize when you are deep-down, sincerely honest with yourself. A first step towards aligning with your soul.

With that said, here are...

15 Signs You're Tuning In

Listed below - in bold - are several by-products of expanded consciousness. Under each one, are signs it can play a part in helping you connect with the soul.

Let's take a look:

Because you keep an eye on your behavior, you can...
  1.  Take control of what you want to experience.
  2.  Capitalize on your core inner strengths.

Because you keep track of your thoughts, you can...
  3.  Notice self-destructive thinking and course-correct in a flash.
  4.  Make progressive decisions towards what you want for yourself.

Because you pick up on your feelings, you can...
  5.  Look into troubled emotions and dump a damaging belief.
  6.  Decide, for soul healing, what it is you want to feel.

Because you get clear on what you want for yourself, you can...
  7.  Shake off other people's emotional theatrics.
  8.  Identify environments made for your inborn qualities.

Because you watch how you create your reality, you...  
  9.  Choose actions in step with who you are at your core.
 10. Ignore what doesn't work for you.

Because you pick up on what your body tells you, you...
  11. Know when you are honest with yourself.
  12. Make choices that live up to what you feel.
  13. Take control of the direction you want to take.

Because you let yourself 'be', you...
  14. Follow through on your quirks anyway.
  15. Act without shortchanging yourself.

Fact is,...

Living On Purpose

Expanded consciousness offers uncommon opportunity to make an informed choice about where  you want to take your life. And, how you're to make it happen.


You may find yourself deciding to do what satisfies your needs. Instead of settling. And, get past frustrations with increasing ease.

In addition,...

You'll know, in a snap, what works for you. And, what doesn't. Plus, can take advantage of the Law of Abundance to make sure you aren't losing out on what matters to you.


You'll enjoy what you do for yourself more often. And, for longer periods of time.

This is why expanded consciousness can be so helpful at providing clues you can use to tune in to your soul.

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