Dream Symbols
Are Birds In The Picture?
by Jennifer Orpen

Dream symbols have a knack for broadcasting soul messages. Especially, when a bird shows up. How can you save time making the connection?

Dream Symbol - Birds

Dream Symbols - A swan's grace - What might this means to you about something going on in daily life?

Birds sometimes appear in dreams. When they do, take note. An eventful chapter in your life is about to unfold.

The feathered creature may be a sign it's time to probe. The real YOU of you. At soul-level.

What's more,...

Exclusive qualities may be on the menu. Your soul gifts. And, it's time to enjoy them. Today. Every. Day.

The symbol's meaning can make a lot more sense the bird's species is identified. And, its characteristics, examined. This can fast track understanding.

  • Recognition.
  • Association.
  • Validation. 
  • Match with present circumstances.

This is what dream symbols, the language of dreams, through imagery, can do for you.

Unconsciousness into Awareness

Remembering dreams of birds can show change is taking place. The unconscious - inactive know-how, energizes into awareness- consciousness. And, suggests instant approval to act on this new understanding.

The symbol can also represent a union. Between your experience as a human being. Into living your divinity.

Or, one of your very own spirit guides is trying to reach you. The appearance of a bird is the perfect way to get your attention.

How cool is that?

Missed Information

A bird, in dream interpretations, may also point out important knowledge was missed.

For example...

You may be stuck in lifeless routines. But, a meadowlark keeps showing up in dreams. A signal you're about to enter a pleasant adventure discovering what makes you tick.

Think about it...

Boredom. Or, exhilarating eye-openers. Which would you prefer?

In a nutshell, when a bird appears in a dream, do notice. Its characteristics. Actions. Most of all, what specifically grabs your attention.

Hang on to your hat...

You won't believe how practical this skill set untangles messy life situations.


The mind is excellent at creating something out of  'nothing'. Not just in dreams, either. The 'outer' world joins in on the fun.

With meaningful coincidences...Synchronicity.

Here's an example of how this can shake out...

You may dream of a crow squawking from a tree top. Days later, 3 show up in your back yard. Then, 2 more crows peck at food on the front lawn. They stop. Look up. And, stare...At you.

Creepy, isn't it?

With astonishing frequency, the very same symbol may show up in movies you watch. Pictures. Or, during a conversation.

Synchronicity operates this way. Your innate, creative power urging connection. Through meaningful coincidence.


A bird in dreams can pack a sensational message. With parallels to your own personality. Is the Law of Abundance showing up to point out what you've missed?

Such as, these telling key features...

  • Bird species.
  • Male or female.
  • Eyes. Beak. Feet.
  • Location...A forest. Water. Cave.
  • Activity...Flying. Perched. Hunting.

...Switch hallmarks to your own traits and current situation. Are there similarities?

Keep yours eyes peeled for a bird in a dream that...

  • Lands.
  • Takes off.
  • Remains still.

It may indicate the current stage of a life process you're in.

Colours are exquisitely symbolic, too. And, may flaunt a hidden virtue. An emotion. Or, mood.

Dream symbols of birds send a powerful message. And, may suggest what you're truly gifted in, at soul-level. Now's the time to figure out what the magical creature delivers. Are you in?

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