Dream Meaning 
10 Signs Hinting "Heads Up!"
by Jennifer Orpen

Unlocking a dream meaning offers amazing opportunity to make life better. Tipped off to what's happening, you can take constructive action instead of reacting blindly and going nowhere.

Finding dream meaning for climbing a ladder towards heaven

How you communicate with yourself through dreams can sometimes be a wild and colorful affair. But, other times, a dream may shock. Baffle. And, leave you wondering if your imagination's gone too far.


The dream may suggest something powerful is going on. And, the imagery, the language, is peculiar enough to pay attention to.

In light of this, let's reinforce the ability to come up with unmistakable dream interpretations...

Dream Meaning Tips

Two tips can give you an edge on pinpointing an accurate dream meaning:

  1. Notice the parts of the dream that grab your attention. They may be new characteristics about yourself, ready to surface and experience.
  2. Identify the emotions you're feeling. They're your truth barometer. And, foolproof.

It also helps to equate the state of affairs in the dream with what's happening in your life right now. Such as, the direction of...

  • Your current situation. 
  • Where your head's at. 
  • Company you keep. 
  • Hopes and ambitions. 
  • What makes you anxious and afraid.

Picking up the meaning of a dream is a chance to see yourself in another light. Help understand yourself better. In addition, get advance notice on opportunity to improve your life.


Here's a list of 10 dream omens that may be giving a heads up about your life:

10 Unusual Dream Signs

1. Amputation

A forceful act of cutting off something no longer useful or healthy for you. Or, it may signal a crisis or situation that needs your attention right now. The more dramatic the event, the stronger the need to take notice.

2. Arrow

Arrow in dreams can mean a piercing truth is for you to see...and sometimes feel.

To be shot by an arrow may suggest you're being forced to recognize a painful truth. And, it's final. There's no going back.

A broken arrow may mean a plan stopped working or fell apart. A damaged arrow could also be about a broken promise.

3. Chanting

Chanting in dreams calls out to take notice of a matter you may be overlooking.

Chanting may signal there is a situation that needs to change. It helps to identify the words used by the group. They could be revealing what to look for. Or, guide towards next steps to take.

It's also helpful to notice 'who' is chanting. For example, if they are protesters, what are they objecting to or resisting?

4. Chimney

A corridor to access the world of unseen realities. And, spiritual part of yourself.

Coming down a chimney may signify gifts are on their way to become a reality in your life. For example, soul qualities, talents or characteristics you can 'open up' and enjoy.

5. Duck

Dream meanings for duck can involve matters of the unconscious or emotions. Noticing what the duck is doing can help decode the message.

Duck loves the water. And, water can represent the unconscious part of the mind. Or, emotions we swim through.

A duck diving into water shows its ability to probe in the dark for the hidden and nameless.

The duck resurfacing with something in its bill, as a dream meaning, could signify new information coming up to be aware of. Or, an issue you're ready to deal with. Identifying the object in question could throw light on what the subject matter may be.

Another interesting aspect of the duck is it's ability to fly high up in the sky – the heavens. And, could represent your essence or Higher Self in its natural habitat.

6. Garbage

A sign that personal transformation is at work. The stink, rot and decay of the old you no longer have use for. But, can be the ultimate fertilizer to help drive a change you want to make for yourself. 

7. Iceberg

An exposed part of the unconscious you're now aware of. But, as a dream meaning, could signify a much larger issue lies under the surface.

8. Onion

Onion in dreams - Peeling off layers to get to the truth. Crying to get your attention.

An onion could signify a truth or secret covered by many layers. And, to get to the heart of the matter, entails peeling back the layers.

The round shape of an onion lends itself to the shape of a circle, a symbol of wholeness and unity.

A root vegetable full of medicinal and nutritious properties, onion may be reminding you to strengthen, grow, and refresh your life by finding your roots – your real self  - and where your life force lives.

9. Plumbing

Plumbing dream meanings can reveal your state of well-being, especially how you've been feeling.

The hidden workings of the psyche.

Rotten pipelines, twisted plumbing, leaky pipes can show your attention is needed for something going on in the unconscious. And, suggests the flow of water is affected, which could have ties to the way you've been feeling lately.

10. Two-of-a-Kind

Twins in dreams - Doubling up to get your attention. The kind of pairing can hint at what you need to know.

Identical pairs or twin figures highlighting information to to be tuned into.

The pairing may be symbolic of a characteristic, attitude, or impression to look at more closely.

Or, the twinning may be emphasizing what is about to come.

What Does Your Gut Say?

The truth is, on some level, you have an inkling about the meaning of a dream you've had.


It helps to have a frame of reference. And, what better way to lay the groundwork than by singling out an unusual feature you've noticed in your dream.

Why? Because, the chosen item may turn out to be a universal symbol or archetype. And, you can find an explanation for it using a dream dictionary.

Keep in mind, though...

It may take some exploring, and reflection, before catching on to an interpretation that makes the most sense to you. One, you feel in your gut, matches the essence of your dream.

You may even feel a rush of energy once a dream meaning clicks into place. A nice way to prove accuracy, wouldn't you agree? The experience could make for brilliant insight on how your soul reaches out to connect with you.

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