Body Massages
Sensations For The Soul
by Jennifer Orpen

What makes body massages valuable for your soul? You, feeling at home in your body. Broken feelings, memories and thoughts are let go. And, becoming reacquainted with inner peace.

Body Massages - The soul loves physical sensations in this experience.

Physical sensations stir emotions. So, you can feel them deeply. They help with paying attention to memos your body sends. Tension. Soreness. Pain. And, to release them when you've had enough. Food for the soul.

What's more...

Bodywork introduces reactions entirely devoted to well-being. Getting in touch with what you want. Instead of what you 'should' be doing.

With body massages, you may realize you don't want to go back to feeling numb again. You're missing out too much on what life offers.

What The Soul Wants

It's simple. The soul enters your body to experience it's divinity. Through you. And, living rich includes physical sensations. Feeling them deeply.

Delighting in massages fits the bill. Mind, body and soul dissolve into oneness. While you're on the table, there is no before or after. Just NOW. Eternity.

And, you're living it.

What do you gain?  Relaxation. Feel more alive. Time you make for yourself, yields freedom. To be. Naturally.

That's what your soul wants. Isn't it what you want, too?

Body Massages

As an experience, therapeutic bodywork is exquisite. It grounds. And, allows you to stay within yourself.
Since you'll be sleeping so much better, dream meaning may offer new information coming from the soul.

Want to feel like a million bucks?

Include a scalp and face massage as part of the bodywork.

Whatever troubles you, melts away. Relaxing sensations are second to none. The bonus? Inner peace. Perhaps, you've forgotten this even existed.

Finger kneading specific spots reveals what your body tells...

  • Release tense spots.
  • Work on this exact area more. Less over there.
  • Here's a hurt. Let it go by breathing it away.

Taking time for bodywork is a no-fuss way of adding dignity your human beingness. And, at that moment, cuts out anything, or anyone, from draining your energy. You're focused on yourself.

Power of Touch

What electrifies during a body rubdown? Touch. An experience fully devoted to your well-being.

You may feel...

  • Prized.
  • Comforted.
  • Gratified.
  • Calm.


Warm skin contact releases oxytocin, an anti-stress hormone. And, leads to feeling reassured. You can handle what comes your way.

Still worried about feeling anxious? No problem! Add a healing diet to bust anxiety.

With that said...

Skin contact can spur you to share more than you usually would. Flex towards health-favoring activity. Toy with risk, when normally, you wouldn't.

Massage Benefits

Let's get down to brass tacks. Here's what you don't want to miss as a godsend...

Awareness of your body. How you breathe. Relax. And, feel afterwards. You may even get insight on why no motivation pops in when you least want it to.

The extras?

  • Better at zeroing in on situations howling for your attention.
  • In touch with what you really want. Instead of what you 'should' be doing.
  • More easygoing in trying situations.
  • Less inclined to self-sabotage.

Having your muscles stroked to release stress opens doors to doing more for yourself. Such as, having fun in carefree play with the children. Super talks with friends. Basking in alone time.

Don't be left behind. Body rubdowns are a special gift you can give yourself.

What can body massages excite? Rediscovering you can feel at home in your body. Have, whenever you want, inner peace and relaxation. And, gaining bliss. Make the move.

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