Astral Body
Need Better Soul Action?
by Jennifer Orpen

The astral body, one of several energy fields surrounding you, reacts to any thought you have. Including images, words and sensations. Some boost your soul experience. Others can sucker-punch. But, you can duck that problem.

A human energy field surrounds each individual. In it, subtle energies, such as the astral field, take part in creating your experience of reality.

Your astral field reacts to your passions, emotions, desire. Your urge to satisfy them.


You may be in the dark about what you're doing.

It can be the difference between accessing what energizes your well-being. Improves your soul experience. Or, drains and weakens you.

Which would you prefer?

The Astral Body

Astral Body - Doorway into what your thoughts create and becomes reality.

Your astral field absorbs, reacts to, and echos your passions, emotions, desires. Your impulse to satisfy them. Including, unconscious urges your soul picked up over many lifetimes.

Your astral body's rule of thumb is...To Feel.

Example, your...

  • Dread.
  • Hate.
  • Regrets.
  • Brutality.


  • Happiness.
  • Romancing.
  • Tranquility.
  • Enthusiasm.

Results become fast-moving swirls of color floating in your space. You give off a distinct vibration.

The 'air' about you affects what you attract. For example, the kind of person who mingles with you at an all-important meeting. Or, who you negotiate with, to buy a car.

Heck, you can tell what you radiate. Note your moods. Dark or sunny, they reveal your vibration.

That's not all,...

Any thought you have, has an essence. A 'flavor' to it. And, it shapes itself into a living entity. With a life of its own.

What's more,...

You have no control over astral beings.
A comfort when your thinking invests in well-being. Not so good when you have bottom-feeder thoughts.

Astral Contact

Your astral body copies the look of your physical body and roams the astral plane. Most often while you sleep. Objects and dwellers of the astral plane are as real as your next door neighbor. Or, the food on your table.

You can meet other 'sleeping' individuals visiting the plane. Or, see dead ones who haven't moved on to lighter vibration areas.

Astral plane visits can be friendly. Or, unpleasant. In any case, and it's important, you attract or are drawn to what matches your vibration.

You may not remember the experience. But, how you feel after waking up can be telling. You may feel terrific, refreshed. Or, feel like you've been hit by a truck.

Here's why...


There are thought entities in the astral plane not at all interested in directly feeding off Divine Source energy. They want yours.

Have thoughts spitting intense anger, hate or malice? You are prime bait for astral beings made up of the same rage, hostility or ill-will. They are masterful at sucking your energy. And, you can feel weak, drained after such encounters.

Less hellish astral entities can be just as unsettling. Such as, those shaped from guilt, blame. Or, refusing to accept responsibility for actions taken in life.


These thoughts are energetic entities come to life. You can be attracted to them if you harbor the same feelings. Or, they may zero in on you for the same reason. They need your ammunition to survive.

Night terrors or grisly nightmares can be signs astral plane visits haven't been the best. Remember, what the Law of Abundance states: What you focus on becomes your abundance. And, you'll receive the same in return.

Here's the important part...

The Divine

When you purpose your thoughts and act on them to reconnect with the soul, your vibration lightens up. Divine Source sends more your way to further the experience. Other astral realities, with less dense vibration, expose themselves for discovery.

  • Self-forgiveness
  • Burying the hatchet and moving on
  • Tenderness
  • Genuine self-love

...are thought forms of lighter vibration. They, too, become living beings on the astral plane. And, you may attract or feel drawn to them.

It sure beats the pants off having a run-in with gruesome astral characters.

Better Soul Experience Tips

How do you discourage unwanted entities from hovering around you?


  • Mind your fantasies. Don't let them get crazy thinking they're harmless. They can affect others around you, too.
  • Let the dead go. Astral bodies of the dead feed on intense grief, even regret, from those left behind. And, can drain you.
  • Positive, caring thoughts raise your vibration. Entering into self esteem building activities, too. Unwanted astral entities won't have anything to cling to.

Your astral body reacts to any thought. It can boost your soul experience. Or, show nastiness you have trouble recovering from. Wouldn't you want to do something about it?

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