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About the soul and distressing problems - Could there be a connection?

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Perhaps you're wondering because of constant heartbreak in some area of life. Or, feel somehow blocked from making any progress trying to improve the way things are.

But, the real mystery?

It's hard to put a finger on what the problem is exactly.

That was the experience I was having. And, tried to figure out, so I could get on with making life better.

However since there was no clear reason explaining what the repeated setbacks were about, this led to consider looking into the spiritual for answers.


Soul came to mind. The word suggests innermost, informed.  So, maybe that was the place to look for answers.

As it turns out,...

A distressing problem can denote something is going on. But, the issue remains hidden, stuck in your energy field which carries your soul.

Fortunately, the point at issue registers as part of a person's soul history. And, the story about how the problem first started can be retrieved from soul history.

In fact,...

This is the main reason why Soulangle.com was created. To help uncover the soul story behind life problems you want to do something about. The goal is to deliver accurate, relevant information you can use, to help overcome struggle.

Here's how SoulAngle.com came into being,...


Jennifer Orpen, creator of Soulangle.com and Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, keen on making use of your soul skills to live you were made for.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Orpen, owner of SoulAngle.com. And, Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

From the beginning, I noticed every single little thing. Later, followed a tendency to connect the dots. Both have since become quite useful for reading situations. And, choosing direction.

Then, came a memorable turning point,...

Seeing the 'invisible' – the nonphysical part of life. Which fits well with noticing and connecting the dots.

Because the experience is so gratifying and feels natural...

Seeing the unseen, and making sense of what's going on, is what I do.

As well as a liking to...

  • Dig into troubling situations. 
  • Uncover what the real problem is.
  • Let the solution take shape.
  • Get moving on the remedy.

Sometimes though, bewildering problems appear. But, nothing seems to work to improve matters.

However, the following approach for sorting out the puzzling has been a revelation...

The Soul Angle

The soul angle view - A chance to resolve blockage when you know who you are at soul level.

Personally speaking, using the soul angle to figure out disheartening problems, has helped better understand how hidden forces can seriously influence the way you act.

What's more,...

Putting to use the soul approach can also help confirm feeling 'blocked' isn't always imagined. As it happens, the root cause of a problem can be uncovered by taking a look at a person's soul history.

Suddenly, longstanding issues have a chance to be resolved.

For that reason, to improve on investigating soul history...

I enlisted Soul Realignment®, a technique which emphasizes the logical in order to obtain accurate information about painful problems. What you find out must make sense.

The best part of the experience has been...

Getting to know the Akashic Records, a library of sorts, which stores every emotion, thoughts, events and choices made, throughout existence.

The Akashic Records also preserve soul history. Including the soul's own particular traits and field of expertise.

Today, I uncover personal soul traits for self-directed individuals. And, track down the soul story behind problems they want to resolve.

What other knowledge has helped reach this point?


Books can be great guides showing a lot more could be going on in the background than we might realize.

Personal experience continues to be most instructive as a tool for helping get to the bottom of upsetting situations. Careful listening is crucial, too. That way, nothing important escapes, unnoticed.

As for what could be going on beneath the surface,...

Ongoing psychic experiences lay the foundation for further refining intuition and 'seeing the unseen'. Used on a regular basis, the measures serve to identify, and piece together, what could actually be happening in the background.

Several books have come to be terrific guides as well. They show more goes on beyond the obvious than we might realize.

Some favorites are...

  • The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
  • You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay
  • The Encyclopedia of Dreams by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  • Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
  • Conversations with God - Book I, II, and III -  Neale Donald Walsch 
  • The Unknown Reality by Jane Roberts
  • The Subtle Body - Cyndi Dale
  • The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

About Soulangle.com

Quality – Durable – Straightforward. These are standards I value and hope to deliver when you come by to visit Soulangle.com.

Equally important, is bringing the spiritual down to earth. In language you can understand and, relate to.

At heart,...

The information offered at SoulAngle.com strives to be clear and make sense.


Choosing to be who you are at soul level involves change with the way you usually handle  situations. And, 'new' can be uncomfortable, nerve-wracking.

As a remedy,...

To make it through uneasiness change can sometimes cause, tips to get relief are made available across the website.

Besides pages exploring matters involving your soul, befitting on-topic quotes can also be found on the site.

In similar fashion,...
A newsletter is on hand offering extra information about connecting to your soul.

In any event,...

Soulangle.com largely addresses taking advantage of the soul approach to resolve troubling problems you want to do something about.


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