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Who knew about the soul connection to solving life problems? I certainly didn't.


After enduring too many disappointments working at changing unhappy circumstances, questions came up:

  • Why do you sometimes keep hitting a wall trying to improve some part of your life?
  • Is the hold up a permanent condition?
  • How do you move past the problem?

Rather than taking the traditional route, a metaphysical approach seemed the quicker way to get to the root of the difficulty.

And now,...

After learning about my personal soul profile, it is easier to understand why circumstances are shaped the way they are.  And, what you can do to bring on more satisfying results.

Jennifer Orpen - Keen on the soul angle to make use of built-in soul skills to live the live you want.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Orpen, author, publisher and owner of SoulAngle.com. And, Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

It's simple,...

Knowing your soul traits can provide the missing pieces that can help solve nagging life problems. It also serves to identify much faster a course of action you can take.  One that recognizes who you are at your core.

Here's more...

The idea is to line up with your soul energy by making it become physical reality. That is, to recognize and live your soul qualities. What you do and understand naturally well.

Using these inborn talents lights up your life force. Energized, you can create the life you want for yourself. And, thrive.

You may also discover that you are not so keen on settling for less in your life.

Soul realignment is the angle I bring into play to experience who I am at soul level. Namely, to put to use inborn soul skills and do what feels true inside and satisfies, at peace with what I do to make life better.

A little history on how this all started...

Spiritual Psychic Reading

There was growing disappointment about the way my life was turning out.


Life problems had hints of déjà-vu. But, no matter what was done to remedy the situation, it felt like silent roadblocks interfered with progress. And, results continued to be mediocre and unsatisfying. Worse, I felt powerless to change anything.

When did these blocks come into existence? Why are they there? How do you make them disappear?

To fast track the search for answers, an appointment for an akashic reading was made with a down-to-earth, no-nonsense intuitive.

The presentation was instructive. Credible. Accurate. And, workable,too.

But, where did this in-depth information come from?

The Akashic Records

I'd heard about the Akashic Records. An 'energetic' database recording every thought, choice, and action ever made by mankind.

But, it was hard to grasp how this ethereal 'library' was anything more than a spiritual history book. Full of details about our world and its evolution.

I was wrong.

Here's Why

  • You can locate the Akashic Record of an individual's soul and gather information about it. An astounding portrait can emerge, explaining why a person's circumstances are shaped the way they are today.
  • The soul you embody has its own traits and skills.

  • Choices made during a highly-charged situation can create hidden roadblocks to accessing these traits. And, frustrate the ability to be who you are naturally.

Then, it hit me...

  • This confirmed the baffling “same party – different people” scenarios that would crop up. It wasn't imagined.
  • Tendencies towards knee-jerk behavior, going against your best interest, began to make sense.

That's not all...

The Akashic Record reading did more than point out distinct mannerisms and quirks. It eased worries something might be wrong with me.

Best of all, it highlights...You have more control over your life than you think.


Now, you can analyze thorny life situations in a brand-new way. And, make forward-thinking, deliberate moves to clear it up.

What other benefits does the soul approach to living the life you want for yourself, deliver?

You can...

  • Use built-in core strengths to make life better.
  • Bypass the frustration of endless trial-and-error hoping 'it'll all work out'.
  • Feel at peace sooner and more often.


The Extras

  • Be more focused on what works for you.
  • Pick your battles wisely because you'll understand why disagreements happen.
  • Feel less worn out since you won't take on responsibility that isn't yours to shoulder anyway.


No more feeling guilty. Or, going along with the crowd when you really don't want to. Say goodbye to resentment, too. 

It's a refreshing way to live, wouldn't you agree? 

All this to say...

Endorsing soul gifts created more satisfaction in my life. In addition, after tending to psychic ability for 23 years, I can pool this resource to helping self-directed individuals learn about their own soul profile.

About SoulAngle.com

The soul approach to solving life problems is what SoulAngle.com addresses. Such as, providing services to identify a personal soul profile. As well as, uncovering the soul story behind life problems you want to do something about.

In addition, the site offers ways to ease you through discomfort that sometimes occur when you make changes to your life.

Do you have advice you'd like to give about the site? By all means, get in touch with me using the Contact form below. Even one sentence helps.


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