The Soul Angle
Win At Solving Life Problems
by Jennifer Orpen

Do you think the soul holds the answer to why a situation keeps ending badly? If you want better results, start here.

This is what will set you apart...

You'll know the soul story about what started the problem in the first place.

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The Soul Angle – Key to understanding why a situation always ends badly.

Get to know about your personal soul gifts, too: Built-in qualities, mannerisms and skills you excel at. And, when put to use, strengthen your wellbeing.

The bottom line?

You could be on your way to creating the life you've always wanted for yourself. In charge of results you want.

Jennifer from

Hi, I'm Jennifer Orpen, owner, author and publisher of And, Advanced Soul Realignment ® Practitioner.

I offer intuitive readings for the doer, looking to track down the soul story behind a troubling problem, so they can resolve it. And, get on with building the life they want for themselves.

Over and above that, because there is a connection...

Personal soul traits are also brought to light. In other words, you discover Who You Are at Soul Level.

The Soul

Who You Are at Soul Level basically basically means...your personal soul makeup. Made manifest as inborn traits, quirks and skills you are rich in --- They are your soul gifts.

Imagine if every time you faced a personal dilemma, you'd know what to do. That's the advantage of knowing about your soul gifts.

The result?

You can take control of the kind of experiences you want for your life.

You won’t need to waste anymore time guessing about relationships or the right line of work. Because, you'll know exactly what you're made for.  AND best at.

Uncovering your soul gifts can help you…

  • Understand why you are the way you are.
  • Navigate emotions with more confidence.
  • Get rid of the habit to 'settle for less'.
  • Create a life that suits you perfectly.

Having said that,…

Perhaps, you've hit a wall in some area of your life. But, no matter what you do to try  and improve the situation, nothing works.

What's more…

You have no idea why this is happening.


Hitting an invisible wall can signal there's blockage embedded in your soul's fabric.

Perhaps the obstruction started lifetimes ago or in your present life. Either way, the block has taken root. And, still affects you to this day.


The hindrance could be affecting your thoughts. The way you feel. How you act in certain circumstances.

Here's what else,...

Efforts to improve the situation continue to fail.

What makes a block appear?

Blocks and Restriction

Blocks and restriction develop by way of a shocking, fateful life event. The incident is an emotional bomb, filled with distress. And, heartbreak.

One more thing...

At a pivotal moment, you make a choice that goes against who you are at soul level.

Over time, the blockage digs in. Because, when a similar situation comes up, you keep making the same choice. Sooner or later, this can lead to an unhappy, deadened existence.


Once your soul traits are uncovered, the way you see problems could change your life.

Treat yourself to Soul Closeup. Discover Who You Are at Soul Level.

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New Results

Famed scientist Albert Einstein once said:

“A problem cannot be solved using the same knowledge that created the problem in the first place.”

Sometimes a fresh approach is needed to deal with constant setbacks. For instance, using the soul angle to make sense of what's causing the problem.

Which is to say,...

You would get the soul story having direct bearing on a specific frustration you're grappling with. This information can be found in the Akashic Records.

In a nutshell,...

This extra knowledge can simplify the kind of new choices you could make to change your situation.

New choices give new results.


Seeking to improve your results can involve making a change with the way you usually handle life problems. But, resistance can sneak in. And, ruin your plans.

Help is here. supports your efforts to make life better. By lending a hand with making change easier to deal with.

To that end,...

Expect to find self-care tips all across the website. Be sure to join Soul Connected, too. The newsletter offers special pointers, available only to members.

And now,...

Here's a taste of what offers to help get started on connecting with your soul:


Dreams can be exceptional at revealing where you stand at particular points in your life.  Especially when a wrong turn's been taken. Or, a situation screams SOS and needs your attention right now.

Dreams can also show how you send yourself messages. The scenery, language, the emotions involved, each play a part in revealing what the dream suggests. But, only you would know its meaning.

And, let's not forget,...

Dreams can be about soul connecting, too. Sometimes a dream shines the light on a new, far-reaching path you're about to take. Or, could be warning of a toxic environment smothering your abilities.

In any case,...

Are you refreshed when you wake up? Or, feel drained, tired. They could be signs you're tapping into your life force – the soul.  Or, turning away from it.

Soul Healing

At times, healing the soul calls for stepping out of your comfort zone. This can be unsettling.


Soothers can save your sanity. For example, you can lean on natural healing remedies to handle change.

Or, make use of...

  • Body massages, a great stress-buster.
  • Energy therapy to deal with turmoil that often comes with change.
  • Spiritual healing meditation to quiet the noise inside your head.

A remedy doesn't have to be dramatic. Just effective.

Expanded Consciousness

Understanding yourself better is one of many ways to expand your consciousness. The best part? It can reveal what really matters to you. And, has, from the very beginning.

So it adds up to this:

When you know who you are at soul level, and what makes you tick, you can be on your way to...

Live the life you want for yourself. On purpose.


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    Jennifer Orpen

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