The Soul Angle
Win at Solving Life Problems
by Jennifer Orpen

Do you believe the soul holds the answer to why certain issues keep coming back and end badly? If you’re not making progress resolving the situation, start here.

The Soul Angle – Key to understanding why a situation always ends badly.

This is what will set you apart: Knowing the soul story behind what created the problem in the first place. And, understanding it can help you take control of changing your circumstances.

Plus, you’ll also discover your own soul gifts: Built-in qualities, mannerisms and skills you excel in. And, when put to use, power your wellbeing.

Best of all...

You could be on your way to building the life you long for. In charge of results you want.

Jennifer from

Hello, my name is Jennifer Orpen, owner, author and publisher of I'm also an Advanced Soul Realignment ® Practitioner serving action-takers driven to make life better.

I offer intuitive readings to bring out into the open your distinct soul talents. In addition, track down the soul story behind troubling problems so you can get on with carving out the life you want for yourself.

The Soul

In essence, Who You Are at Soul Level can be defined as your personal soul energy. It shows as built-in traits, quirks and skills you are rich in — your soul gifts.

Imagine, for a moment…

How good it would feel if you could instantly see the light when facing doubt or uncertainty in your life.  What's more, you'd have the know-how to get past it. This is what can happen when you line up with your soul gifts.

At last,…

You can take control of the kind of experience you want for yourself.

Discovering your soul qualities can help you…

  • Understand yourself better.
  • Lessen the pressure to 'settle for less'.
  • Navigate emotions with composure.
  • Design a lifestyle that suits your nature.

Plus, you won’t waste time guessing about the right line of work, relationships or way of life. Because, you'll know exactly what you are made for. And, best at doing.


At times, you may feel you've hit an invisible wall in some area of your life. And, try as you might, nothing works to change the situation.

Here’s what else…

You may be at a loss to explain why this is happening. 

Invisible Walls

An invisible wall can be regarded as blockage lodged in your soul’s energy field. The hindrance may have emerged recently or lifetimes ago while you (your soul) walked the earth. Either way, the block has taken root. And, still affects you today.


The holdback may influence the way you think. The way you feel. Including, how you behave in specific situations. That’s not all...Efforts to improve conditions keep falling short.

Where do these blocks come from?

Blocks and Restrictions

Blocks and restrictions crop up by way of fateful life events. The incident is equal to an emotional bomb, filled with heartbreaking distress. At a pivotal moment, you make a choice that goes against who you are at soul level.

Now get this,...

Over time, blockage can dig in. Because, when a similar situation comes up, you keep making the same choice. Eventually, this can lead to unhappy, deadened existence.


Once you come to know your soul traits, the way you look at problems, and how they can be remedied, could be a life-changer.

Treat yourself to Soul Closeup and discover Who You Are at Soul Level.

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New Choices - New Results

Renown scientist Albert Einstein once said:

“A problem cannot be solved using the same knowledge that created the problem in the first place.”

Which is why finding a solution to bewildering letdowns sometimes calls for a pioneer move. That is, using the soul angle to identify what happened to create the issue. The approach, then, would be to pinpoint, in the Akashic Records, the soul story having direct bearing on the frustration you’re grappling with.

In turn,...

This extra knowledge can give you insight on new choices you can make to change your circumstance. That is to say, act differently to get the result you want.

New choices give new results.

Making A Change

Choosing to act differently involves making changes with the way you usually handle life’s dilemmas. However, resistance can show up and sabotage your plans.

With that in mind,… is here to support you. Expect to find self-care tips to help make change easier to handle. As well, here’s a taste of what the website offers to help you get started right away on connecting with your soul:


Dreams can be exceptional at pointing out where you stand at a particular point in your life. Especially, if a wrong turn is taken. Or, a situation urgently needs your attention.

Dreams also show how you 'talk' to yourself. The imagery, words and color, are shown in ways only you would understand what the story-line suggests.

Messages in dreams can help solve problems that touch the soul. Such as, singling out a toxic environment. Or, reveal a guide or direction to help connect with your soul.

Are you refreshed when you wake up? Or, feel drained and bone-tired? They can be telling signs you're either tapping into your life force/soul. Or, drifting away from getting energized.

Soul Healing

Make no mistake, healing the soul calls for stepping out of your comfort zone. And, at first, this can feel disquieting. 


Soothers can save your sanity. Such as making use of...

  • Body massages using therapeutic oils. Great as a stress-buster.
  • Energy therapy to deal with chaos that often comes with change.
  • Spiritual healing meditation to hush noise inside your head.

A remedy doesn't have to be dramatic. Just effective.

Expanded Consciousness

Knowing yourself better is one of the many ways to expand your consciousness. And, could help shine the light on what really matters to you. What you value.

In essence,...

By becoming more informed about your in-built makeup, you are positioning yourself to…

Live the life you want for yourself. On purpose.


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    Jennifer Orpen

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